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How to clone an HDD w/ Win10 to an SSD


dd id=/dev/source of=/dev/target bs=64K conv=sync,noerror status=progress


ntfsfix /dev/target

Finally boot the target system using the freshly cloned disk

Usually auto-repair or something similar is triggered on first Win10 run from the clone-target device, also some reboots. But generally it works. The last time I did it it behaved like this:

  1. Booted, Win logo, some message about running auto-repair, spinner spinning
  2. Reboot
  3. Booted, Win logo, spinner spinning indefinitely (no CPU or disk utilization)
  4. Manual power-cycle executed
  5. Booted, Win logo, auto disk-check w/ options: do-scan or skip
  6. Do scan selected
  7. Text GUI showing check progress
  8. Reboot
  9. Booted, Win logo, booted successful to the login screen